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Damp Cured has 20 years of solid experience in dealing with all kinds of condensation problems.

Whether it’s sopping wet windows, moisture on walls, damp wallpaper or mould growth, we know how to cure it — and make sure it stays cured.

Hire Damp Cured to cure your condensation problem and you receive:

A Full Damp Survey

Our survey will discover exactly what problems the condensation is causing, and the correct treatment needed to cure it.

It may be that there are other forms of damp present (such as rising damp and wet rot), and the survey will highlight these to make sure the cure is complete and permanent.

Condensation Cure Plan

The condensation treatment plan will outline exactly what remedial measures need to be taken. This means you will know precisely how we will cure the condensation (and any other damp problems we find) and the scope of the work we will undertake.

Latest Techniques

There is really only one cure for condensation, and that is to reduce the moisture in the air by creating adequate ventilation.

Damp Cured does this by using the most advanced ventilation systems available, particularly those from Envirovent, the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient ventilation systems.

Envirovent fans range from full "whole-of-house" systems to small, unobtrusive fans designed to deal with condensation in one room, such as a kitchen or bathroom.

These award-winning “Filterless Extract Fans” are whisper-quiet, efficient, and compact, and smoothly take the contaminated air from the room and expel it outside with a performance that surpasses those required by building regulations.

This means the humidity level in the room is always kept at the right level, and condensation — along with the mould growth it creates — quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Effective Cure

Even better, the fans are cheap to run, since they constantly monitor the humidity level and vary the speed of the fan depending on the amount of moisture in the air.

You simply “set and forget” and allow the fan to do all the work in the most energy-efficient manner.

They also come with a no-quibble five-year guarantee.

No wonder the Filterless Extract Fan is now the first choice by over 500 registered providers and responsible for curing condensation in tens of thousands of homes across the UK.

Other benefits of our approach to curing your condensation problem can include:

  • A fresher, healthier environment
  • Musty odours a thing of the past
  • Vastly improved air quality
  • Better distribution of heat throughout the home
  • A better environment for asthma sufferers and people who suffer from allergies triggered by dust mites

Planning to Completion

Along with specialist staff to cure your condensation problem, we also have expert electricians, builders, plasterers and other professionals to deal with any other building work — such as the removal of salt-contaminated plaster and painting and decorating — which might be needed when curing your condensation problem.

Excellent Reputation

Over 20 years’ experience and an excellent reputation for quality and for permanently curing damp problems — take a look at our testimonials for solid proof of the kind of standards we work to.

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We’ll then determine exactly how to cure your condensation problem in the most efficient way, whether it affects a single room or the problem is one which affects the whole of the house.

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