Damp Proofing in Leeds

Damp Cured is a provider of top-quality damp proofing solutions in Leeds and the surrounding area. High standards in workmanship, tidiness and punctuality are offered as standard.

The specific services we offer include solutions for rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation control, using the latest world-class systems.

For each project, we give specialist advice regarding the damp problem, and then creates a bespoke solution to suit the particular type of problem and the type of construction, whether that’s a Victorian terraced property, a modern semi-detached house, or a commercial building.

Rising Damp Cured in Leeds

Damp Cured has great experience of dealing with damp houses in Leeds, and carry out guaranteed damp proofing work throughout the Leeds metropolitan area, including Leeds City Centre, Headingley, Holbeck, Harehills, Morley, and Roundhay.

Leeds, like many cities in the UK, expanded greatly during the Industrial Revolution, when the city became a centre for wool production. Economic development later included manufacturing, engineering and chemicals production.

The city still has a manufacturing and engineering base, including medical technology, though much of the commercial activity is now centred on finance, banking, and legal services.

The city is also a major retail centre.

As can be expected, a city which has undergone rapid expansion and economic change has a wide range of housing types, each of which can exhibit their own forms of damp problems, from rising damp, through to wet walls, peeling wallpaper or paint, and condensation.

Many of the houses built during the Industrial Revolution still survive, with areas such as Beeston, Holbeck, and Headingly having substantial numbers of Victorian terraced houses, though many of the back-to-back terraced houses have now gone.

Rising damp can be a particular problem in the terraced houses in Leeds, either due to there being no damp membrane or the damp membrane having failed.

Damp and condensation cured

However, it isn’t only the older properties that can suffer from damp.

More modern buildings — both residential and commercial — can also have problems. Rising damp can be a problem in a modern semi-detached house if the damp proof membrane has broken, while condensation can be an issue in houses of all types.

In Leeds, modern housing in the areas of Holt Park and Wetherby were expanded during the 1960s.

As with any house type, modern houses can suffer from penetrating damp and condensation, damp problems which can quickly be rectified with the correct treatment.

In some cases, the level of condensation can be lowered by keeping the rooms properly ventilated, although in most cases this can only be achieved by the installation of mechanical ventilation system.

Bear in mind that if you plan on doing extensive works to your property as part of your damp proofing remedial works (such as carrying out a basement conversion), you may need planning permission or clearance from building control to ensure the work is up to standard

Some of the towns surrounding Leeds that we also carry out guaranteed damp proofing work include Bradford, Wakefield, Shipley, Harrogate, Knaresborough, and Wetherby

In all locations, Damp Cured uses the latest techniques to cure damp fast and permanently, whether that be rising damp, or problems of water ingress or condensation.

Each damp proofing project will include a damp survey, followed by the creation of a plan and schedule of works to create a bespoke solution.

Rising damp is cured using the Dryzone system, a procedure approved by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) and which outperform damp-proofing systems such as chemical injection systems, tanking, and renders.

Condensation and black mould problems are solved by the installation of advanced ventilation systems, particularly energy-efficient condensation control units from Envirovent.

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