Damp Cured in Newcastle

Damp Cured has wide experience of curing rising damp in the Newcastle area and boasts a wide range of satisfied customers of our damp proofing services, which include condensation control and systems to cure wet rot and dry rot.

Before we undertake any work, we carry out a full damp survey to pinpoint the cause of the problem.

Sometimes there is more than on type of damp in a property.

For instance, condensation and rising damp are often present. We then create a bespoke plan to ensure that the damp problem is cured completely and for good.

Rising Damp Cures in Newcastle

Newcastle underwent rapid growth during the Industrial Revolution, with its major industries being coal and shipbuilding, and heavy engineering generally. Newcastle was also a major printing centre and pottery and glass producer.

As with most cities which became rapidly urbanised in the nineteenth century, the city centre contained many buildings, including houses, built during the Victorian era.

Some of these were demolished during regeneration projects, especially during the 1960s, when many council houses were built to replace old terrace housing which had become uninhabitable.

However, much of Newcastle’s old city centre, especially the Grainger Town area, has survived, and is much admired for its architecture, with over 200 listed buildings within the area.

Compared to other British cities, Newcastle has a dry climate. However, the winters can be colder than many parts of the UK, which can lead to problems of condensation, which in turn can lead to damp walls, especially in the older housing stock.

Some of the older terraced housing may also have been built without a damp membrane, or may suffer from broken damp membranes, which require a remedial damp course to be installed. Some of these areas include South Heaton.

Advanced damp proofing

Fortunately, rising damp, even in older properties, can be cured effectively and without great disruption by modern damp proofing techniques, especially the Dryzone damp proofing system, one of the most advanced techniques in use today

Many of the older properties are situated close to the city centre. Damp Cured provides damp proofing throughout all the main areas of Newcastle, including Jesmond, Blakelaw, Elswick, Heaton, Gosforth, Grange Park, Kenton, Fenham, and Leazes

However, the city has also undergone a great deal of modern development, both in the city centre and elsewhere.

Some of these new housing developments have recreated a traditional housing form known as the Tyneside flat, particularly in Ouseburn.

Newcastle has also been at the forefront of building detached houses, while there has been a large increase in the number of waterside apartments.

The damp survey we carry out will also highlight whether or not the work is subject to building control laws, which can often be the case if the remedial damp proofing work is being done in a listed building or is part of a basement conversion.

If the survey discovers that the problem is one of condensation due to high humidity in the building, we can solve the problem using our state-of-the-art ventilation systems.

These are quiet, automatically reduce moisture in the room (or even the whole building), and can cure condensation in a matter of days. These systems also effectively cure black mould.

Damp Cured also carries out damp proofing work in the areas surrounding Newcastle. These include Gateshead, Wallsend, Jarrow, South Shields, North Shields, Whitley Bay, Washington, and Sunderland.

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