Damp Proofing in Redcar

Redcar, a coastal town in Yorkshire, contains a mix of housing types and various commercial buildings, each which has its own set of issues when it comes to dealing with damp problems.

The housing stock contains a wide range of styles, from Victorian terraced accommodation to modern new builds. In the older types of property, rising damp can be a problem, either due to the lack of a damp course or due to the failure of the damp membrane.

Modern housing tends to suffer less from rising damp, but can still suffer from other forms such as condensation and wet rot if damp has entered the property through cracks in the walls or render, or though a leaking downspout or gutter.

The only way to ensure the correct remedial treatment is carried for the damp problem is to undertake a full damp survey. This will check the walls, floor joists, roof joists and more in order to make sure every area suffering from damp is found. A full damp treatment plan is then created.

Areas within Redcar that we cover include Kirkleatham, Locke Park, Coatham, Warrenby, Dormanstown, Lazenby, Yearby, and Wilton.

Since Redcar is situated on the coast, sea winds can be prevalent. These can be powerful, and as such can give rise to problems of penetrating damp in exposed properties

Damp Problems in Redcar

The origins of Redcar lie in the fishing industry, though the town expanded rapidly during the Industrial Revolution when mining for iron ore began in the Cleveland Hills.

The town is well-known for its beaches which stretch for approximately eight miles down to Saltburn-by-the-Sea, which led to the town becoming a tourist attraction. More recently, the town’s economy centred on steelmaking until the closure of the works, and chemicals production.

The long history of Redcar and its expansion during the 19th Century has led to the town possessing a wide variety of building types, ranging from Victorian terraced houses to detached new-builds, all of which can exhibit their own particular type of damp problems.

Whatever the type of damp, it can be made worse by coastal winds bringing rain and increasing moisture. Damp Cured has wide experience of dealing with all forms of damp, especially cures for rising damp using the world-class Dryzone system. This creates an effective damp membrane and is guaranteed to cure rising damp permanently.

Condensation problems are cured by installing effective ventilation systems, especially the world-class units from Envirovent, which cure condensation within days, getting rid of mould and the odours associated with dampness.

Before carrying out any work, we carry out a full damp survey, which will give a full report as to the extent of the damp, and will also show if the damp remedial work needs to have planning permission, perhaps because the room is within a listed building or that the job requires structural changes.

As well as performing guaranteed damp proofing work in central Redcar, Damp Cured also carries out damp proofing work in the surrounding areas. These include Marske, Saltburn, Guisborough, and Skelton.

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