Top-of-the-range Envirovent systems fitted by a fully-qualified and experienced damp proofing company

Get rid of your damp and condensation problem with a specialist Envirovent installation from Damp Cured. Our teams have the answer to fix your ventilation, mould and condensation problems fast and for good — guaranteed

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If you’ve landed on this page, you already know Envirovent is the number one solution for curing damp walls and condensation caused by bad ventilation.

Envirovent fans also guarantee:

  • A fresher, healthier environment
  • Musty odours become a thing of the past
  • Improved air quality
  • Better distribution of heat throughout the home
  • A better environment for asthma sufferers
  • Improved conditions of people who suffer from allergies triggered by dust mites

Supplied and Fitted

If you’re looking for a trustworthy company to install your Envirovent fan and make sure you get a clean, dry, healthy living environment, look no further.

Damp Cured are experts at diagnosing damp problems and installing Envirovent’s advanced ventilation systems.

Within just days of installation, condensation begins to disappear, leaving your rooms healthy and dry.

Our Envirovent fans range from full “whole-of-house” systems to small, unobtrusive fans designed to deal with damp and condensation in one room, such as a kitchen or bathroom.

These award-winning “Filterless Extract Fans” are whisper-quiet, efficient, and compact. They smoothly take the contaminated air from the room and expel it outside with a performance that surpasses those required by building regulations.

This means the humidity level in the room is always kept at the right level, and condensation — along with the mould growth it creates — quickly becomes a thing of the past.

Effective Cure

Even better, Envirovent’s fans are exceptionally quiet and cheap to run. You simply “set and forget” and allow the fan to do all the work in the most energy-efficient manner.

Along with the no-quibble five-year guarantee, when you hire Damp Cured to install your Enviroment system, you also get the following benefits.

Planning to Completion

Along with specialist staff to cure your ventilation problem, we also have expert electricians, builders, plasterers and other professionals to deal with any other building work — such as the removal of salt-contaminated plaster and painting and decorating — which might be needed when curing your ventilation and condensation problems.

Excellent Reputation

Over 20 years’ experience and an excellent reputation for quality and for permanently curing damp problems related to condensation and inadequate ventilation.

Take a look at our testimonials for solid proof of the kind of standards we work to.

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