Free Guide: Your Damp Problem and How to Cure It Once and For All

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If you have a problem with damp, there’s a good chance you think you know what is causing it.

But unless you know what signs to look for, there’s also a good chance you won’t be able to discover the real cause.

And that means you won’t know which is the right treatment to cure the problem, or whether any damp proofing treatment you pay for is really solving it.

Luckily, by knowing a few things to look out for, you can usually discover the real cause of your problem, and make sure you get the right treatment.

The Right Information

You’ll discover all this in our valuable guide called “Your Damp Problem and How to Cure It Once and For All"

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The four main types of damp, what causes them, and why you might well have more than one type of damp. Know this to make sure you solve the problem completely
  • Why what looks like rising damp can often be caused by something else, and what treatment you need to cure the problem
  • The three types of treatment for rising damp — and why the first two will often leave you with more problems than they solve and more expense into the bargain. (Make sure you know which is the only effective treatment for rising damp — one which will cure the problem once and for all)
  • The simple questions you need to ask any damp proofing company to make sure they use the most up-to-date techniques to solve your damp problem If you don’t know these, you risk paying for ineffective treatment — and having to have the work redone in as little as 12 months
  • The qualifications every reputable damp proofing company should have, and why choosing a damp proofing contactor that doesn’t have them could cost you money in the long run
  • What causes condensation, the health risks associated with it, and the best way to solve it permanently. Hint: dehumidifiers have their place, but they’re really just a temporary measure — and one which often adds an unpleasant increase to your electricity bills.

And, most of all, you’ll know exactly what type of damp proofing company you need to hire to make sure the problem is solved completely.

Don’t risk hiring a second-rate firm which uses old-fashioned ineffective techniques. Make sure you protect yourself by being informed.

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