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If your property suffers from rising damp, you probably first became aware of it when you saw discolouration of your wallpaper or plasterwork, either in small spots or in larger patches.

If the problem is especially bad, the wall will feel wet, wallpaper will peel, plaster may be damaged, and wooden fittings such as skirting boards may become rotten.

And the longer you leave it, the worse it gets, and the more difficult — and expensive — it is to solve the problem.

It is essential to have the condition correctly treated, since rising damp can cause damage to the structure of the property, which can lead to a fall in the property's value.

It is not sufficient to simply cover up the problem with a special paint or coating. Only by preventing the dampness rising up the wall in the first place can rising damp be adequately controlled.

Fixed by Professionals

Damp Cured has 20 years of solid experience in dealing with all kinds of rising damp problems.

We carry out a full survey to discover exactly what is causing the rising damp and the correct treatment needed to cure it.

There may be other forms of damp present — such as wet or dry rot, condensation, or damp from leaking gutters or downpipes.

The survey will highlight these to make sure the cure is complete and permanent.

Treatment Plan

The rising damp treatment plan will outline exactly what remedial measures need to be taken.

This means you will know precisely how we will cure the rising damp (and any other damp problems we find) and the scope of the work we will undertake.

Causes of Damp

Most buildings have a damp proof course fitted when they are built.

However, sometimes these are not installed properly or they become damaged. In other cases, the ground levels outside the property rise over time until eventually they are higher than the damp course.

This allows moisture from the soil to rise up through the brickwork.

The Only Cure

The only way to completely cure rising damp is to stop the moisture from rising up the wall.

However, many companies do nothing more than hide the damp, usually by applying something called “tanking” or using a sand and cement render with a waterproofing chemical.

Tanking creates a waterproof barrier which prevents moisture from seeping from the walls to the inside of the property, but it doesn't remove the water from the walls.

In many cases, the moisture will eventually rise above the tanking, creating a large stain — or “tide mark” — across the wall.

This means the whole area will need to be treated again to a higher level, which means spending even more money than the first time around.

You will experience the same problems when using a sand and cement render with a waterproofing chemical.

Using a render doesn’t cure the rising damp. The render only blocks the moisture, which will then eventually rise higher up the wall and leave a stain.

The other problem with renders is eventually the moisture will penetrate through it.

A waterproof render usually lasts about 3-5 years, though can fail in less than 12 months.

Then the work will need to be carried out again, bringing all the disruption and more expense.

Correct Techniques

Firstly, our damp proofing technicians will remove all plaster from the areas to be treated as the plaster will be contaminated with hygroscopic salts.

Secondly, the technicians will drill holes into the wall and use a specially-designed applicator gun to inject “Dryzone” damp-proofing cream.

This spreads through the wall to form a water-repellent resin and completely stops the moisture from rising up the wall.

The Dryzone system is the result of an extensive in-house research and development program which involved the screening and testing of hundreds of potential formulations.

Tests have proved that Dryzone offers a higher degree of protection against rising damp than previous systems which used chemical injection techniques.

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) — a Government-partnered testing organization that has been providing independent information on building products for over 30 years — has carried out extensive tests and awarded Dryzone a prestigious BBA approval.

Only the best rising damp treatments achieve BBA approval, and by using Dryzone you are assured you are getting one of the best damp proofing products on the market.

Finishing the Job

Once the Dryzone cream has been applied, our technicians then apply a dryshield salt resistant cream to the walls, followed by a salt-and-moisture-resistant adhesive.

Then the walls are boarded with moisture resistant plasterboards, and the technicians will plaster the treated walls to full height — all as part of the service.

Plastering the walls to full height prevents unsightly lumps on the walls and leaves you with a quality modern finish which can be redecorated usually within five days of the remedial work being completed.

Planning to Completion

Along with specialist staff to cure your rising damp problem, we also have expert electricians, builders, plasterers and other professionals to deal with any other building work — such as the removal of salt-contaminated plaster and painting and decorating — which might be needed when curing your rising damp problem

Excellent Reputation

Over 20 years’ experience and an excellent reputation for quality and for permanently curing damp problems — take a look at our testimonials for solid proof of the kind of standards we work to.

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